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Handevision released MTF curve for new IBERIT series lens and sample photos   [2017-1-6 15:37:45]
KIPON updated comatible lens list for EF-MFT AF&Baveyes EF-MFT AF 0.7X autofocus adapters   [2017-1-5 14:03:32]
Handevision start shipping new full frame IBERIT lenses from Dec 5,2016   [2016-11-29 19:08:15]
KIPON released new 0.65x Baveyes for Leica M mount lens on Nov 24,2016.   [2016-11-24 11:15:56]
KIPON released another batch of medium format focal reducer   [2016-9-2 20:35:05]
Kipon will attend photokina 2016 in Germany   [2016-9-1 16:27:01]
New Baveyes for using medium format lens on full frame cameras   [2016-8-3 16:01:30]
KIPON Start the sale of series adapters for Leica SL mount cameras   [2016-6-15 23:33:45]
HANDEVISION released sample photos shoot with Leica & SONY fullframe camera   [2016-6-12 13:30:02]
Handevision start sales for IBERIT series fullframe lens   [2016-6-3 15:44:48]
KIPON released auto-focus adapter with interchangeable plug-in variable ND filters   [2016-2-14 23:00:05]
KIPON released complex pro tilt&shift adapters   [2016-1-23 15:24:46]
KIPON released latest V2.6 firmware for EF-MFT AF auto-focus adapter   [2016-1-14 0:34:01]
KIPON start to sell CONTAX645-EF auto-focus adapter   [2016-1-11 21:16:06]
KIPON start to sell the auto-focus optic reducer,Baveyes EF-MFT AF 0.7x   [2015-12-29 11:47:20]
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